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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Sharing ideas efficiently

I like sharing ideas and news that I find interesting with a few others who might be similarly interested. A long time ago this was just by email but for a while I've been using del.icio.us both to record bookmarks so I can find them quickly later, and to share them with a few friends who have added me to their network.

More recently I've taken to using Google Reader as the most efficient way to get my fix of info from sources I trust to have a high S/N ratio. This has the added benefit that I can mark items for sharing which are automatically published to what looks like a pseudo-blog, and can see the items my Reader-using friends have shared for me. End result: higher quality information, if my friends and I are roughly interested in the same sorts of things, or quality of information (very subjective, yes). The final result was that I started this blog since sometimes, I can't find a good post/article by someone else -- trust me, if I could, I'd link to that instead to save time.

However, at work I use Skype a lot for communication. Skype multi-chats are fantastic ways to organise cliques of information, as impromptu chats on a particular topic can be created in seconds, and they can be persisted as long as useful. Whilst I use the Skype mood message to publicise a link now and then, I find dropping a link into a multi-chat a great way to rapidly share information.

The problem with these different media channels is obviously that my Skype-using friends don't necessarily see my other shared items (unless they also use Reader etc), and my non-Skype-using friends don't see my Skype-posted links. Either I'm going to have to convert one group to use the channel of the other, or double-post everything.

Perhaps this means Skype needs a way to publish links from chats to a feed, or publish feed contents into a chat. No doubt, this can done with a plug-in, but is it worth doing?

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