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Monday, 6 April 2009

FriendFeed the Nexus

FriendFeed may well have cracked the nexus requirement for social network feed updates. It has an excellent and easy to use setting to publish updates to Twitter. After setting up which sites you want to automatically publish to Twitter, you simply go ahead and make posts wherever you are, and the Twitter post is done for you.

This way I can add a bookmark to delicious.com/nzmark and tweet it all in one action. FriendFeed conveniently shortens the URLs with its own URL shortening domain -- I didn't see the setting there to use a shortener (I normally use bit.ly as I like the way you can define your own short URN) but it was a nice touch that they didn't make me set it up myself.

Now if only there was a nice Android-optimised interface to go along with the iPhone one...


C said...

What's happened here, I take a long weekend so you decide to bash out some content?

Sending friendfeed to twitter would certainly work better than the other way does. 1st, the latter is a royal pain. 2nd, if you don't have twitter, you're sweet as.

Right then.


Mark said...

The challenge is communicating equally well with both pro-twitter and and anti-twitter friends, without having to do anything twice. This is the genius of friendfeed - at least, they got there first as far as I can see.